Partners in Prayer

Jesus said, “Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, 
it will be done for them by My Father in heaven.” (Matt. 18:19)

We invite you to pray for the ministry of Malaysian CARE and for the needs of the poor & needy in our communities.

Prayer Points for this Month (June 2023)

PC Kota Kinabalu & Kota Marudu
WEEK 1 June 1-4, 2023

  1. Pray for the team as they explore new collaboration in Special Needs works. Pray for understanding and clarity between CARE and our partners to impact the special needs community.

  2. Pray for the team as they journey with our existing urban communities, to continue to follow God’s direction as they explore new ideas and opportunities in areas of economics and education development.

  3. Pray for open doors to engage with new churches and good relationships with existing church partners, as the team explores potential collaboration in serving the community together.

  4. Pray for Putra who will be going for his sabbatical leave from May to June. Pray for a good sabbatical, that he will be able to rest, spend time with family and learn new skills.

  5. Pray for Kursus Kewangan Inklusif that is happening in Kampung Sunsui, Kota Marudu, and the Community Learning Centre in Banggi Island, that it will bring awareness and encouragement to the communities hence improve their financial situation.

    Visitation to the Community Learning Centre in Kg. Palak, Pulau Banggi. 
    (Photo Credit: Nicholas Putra)

Human Resources

WEEK 2 June 5-11, 2023

  1. Pray for the overall health and mental well-being of staff.

  2. Pray that they will practise what they have learned from the Health Talk organised recently on 14 April 2023.Pray for the HR team to work together in harmony and flourish in our roles, relying on God daily for His guidance and strength.

  3. Commit the bi-annual Staff Meeting and Silent Retreat that will be happening in July unto God. Pray that both will be successful and run smoothly.

  4. Pray for all vacant positions to be filled with candidates who are passionate in serving and empowering communities.

  5. Thank God for His constant providence, guidance, and boundless love to all staff.


PC Klang
WEEK 3 June 12-18, 2023

  1. Pray for a suitable candidate to fill the vacancy at PC Klang office.

  2. Pray for the health of Volunteer S, that the Lord will grant complete healing to her.

  3. Pray for open doors of collaboration and resources to be birthed out from the recent HIV Roundtable Discussion in April 2023.

  4. Pray for the Klang team as we work with various stakeholders in implementing the HIV programmes for the communities.

  5. Pray for financial and human resources for the many HIV centres as they continue to care and shelter those infected and affected by HIV.

PC Kampar & Ladang CARE

WEEK 4 June 19-25, 2023

  1. Pray for the safety and health of colleagues and their families in Ladang CARE and PC Kampar as they continue to give glory to God through their work & and personal lives.

  2. Pray for the Orang Asli children to have positive educational experiences and good health. Pray for OA parents to support and encourage their children’s education.

  3. Pray for the Orang Asli youth to continue to grow physically and spiritually, and for leaders to be blessed with wisdom, be good examples as they guide the OA youth.

  4. Pray for the right person to serve his/her community and fill the vacancy at Koperasi Sengoi Pribumi Perak (KSPP).

  5. Pray for God to intervene in the current national economic situation which affects the income of the villagers, in addition to the uncertain weather conditions and the sudden rise in the price of goods and low selling price of village products.

  6. Eng Hot Panei awareness programme at Kg. Tibang, a group of fathers sharing and discussing with each other about supporting their children’s education. 
    (Photo Credit: Ita Bah Nan)


WEEK 5 June 26-30, 2023

  1. Pray for impactful encounters as we organise trainings and reconnect with churches in the northern states. Pray for safety as we travel for long hours and distances

  2. Pray that the social media content contributors team will find joy and fulfilment in sharing content and stories. 

  3. Pray for the latest upgrade in our donation page, which includes a recurring donation feature that will encourage more long-term giving and further ensure CARE’s financial sustainability.

  4. Pray for the Lord to touch the hearts of His people so that they will be moved to volunteer and intern for Malaysian CARE.

  5. Pray for God’s wisdom, creativity, and guidance as we work on ongoing and upcoming website development features and build an integrated Knowledge Management Database system for internal use.