Partners in Prayer

Jesus said, “Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, 
it will be done for them by My Father in heaven.” (Matt. 18:19)

We invite you to pray for the ministry of Malaysian CARE and for the needs of the poor & needy in our communities.

Prayer Points for this Month (September 2022)

Policy, Advocacy & Research
WEEK 1 Sept 1-11, 2022

1. Pray that God will bless the YouTurn Day programme on 29 October, as we reach out to stakeholders and encourage them to accept and support ex-prisoners reintegrating into the community.

2. Thank God for His guidance and wisdom upon the team even as we forge ahead to deliver for 2022.

3. Prayer of thanksgiving to God for Mary Ruth Gopal's opportunity to intern with PAR and for all the experiences she has gained from this internship. Truly a blessed experience!

4. Pray for the Orang Asli as they protect and defend our rainforests from destruction and climate change. Pray for us all that we will learn from their close relationship with the natural environment.

5. Pray for institutions and individuals that are continuously researching new biomedical options for HIV prevention, treatment and cure.

Thankful to Mary (left) for juggling so many portfolios during her three-month internship

(Photo credit: David Chin). 

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Setapak Community & Youth
WEEK 2 Sept 12-18, 2022

1. Pray that people from the community would find courage to present themselves to Pusat Sumber Komuniti CARE to seek help without fear and shame.

2. Pray for open doors and favour upon the staff team’s review and planning process for 2023.

3. Pray for God’s favour towards refugees who are not on UNHCR’s priority list for resettlement, that they are able to receive the support and attention needed from people in authority.

4. Pray for reconciliation and unity among the refugees of various ethnicities in Malaysia, that there would be joining of hands with one another lovingly, sharing of resources and support while putting aside political or racial prejudices. 

5. Pray for youth to desire God and truth and to live according to His will. May they lead their peers, families and communities within God’s ways, not conforming to the world.

Youth warming-up session 

(Photo credit: Nicholas Goh)

Child Empowerment (Special Needs & Bumblebee)
WEEK 3 Sept 19-25, 2022

1. Pray for more dedicated and committed Christian volunteers and new staff to take up coaching and mentoring of Young Adults for suitable employment. 

2. Pray for the Setapak Manna Kitchen Project, that more dedicated Christian volunteers would join and support the team to plan for a sustainable entrepreneurship project for the Young Adults.

3. Pray for open doors and partnerships with other NGOs and churches in reaching out to parents to build employment support services.

4. Bumblebee programme is currently serving in Balakong, Pulau Indah and Subang. Pray that children’s lives can be transformed through Bumblebee and activities.

5. Home-Based Learning Service is in progress. Pray that targeted parents will be able to work together with us to improve their children’s educational gap.

Community children eager to learn! 

(Photo credit: Nicholas Goh)

Prison Work  (Clients/Volunteers/Prison/PKPA)

WEEK 4 Sept 26-30, 2022

1. Pray for staff and volunteers who have dedicated their time and effort in managing the operations of Rumah Petros to have strength and wisdom to sustain this half-way home.

2. Pray for open doors and opportunities for existing and potential clients of Rumah Petros, that God will lead them to green pastures and more souls will be saved and restored.

3. Pray for Kelas CARE (character building class) to start physically and that our volunteers will be able to go into the prisons to teach.

4. Pray for inmates who are released from prison, that God would move more to join our Rumah Kepercayaan programme through the Program Penempatan Semula (PPS).

5. Pray with us for good networking with the local church pastors and expanding His work to touch many poor and needy in Klang.