Everybody needs somebody, and especially so for a recovering addict.

Odoo • A picture with a caption


  • 朋友随时都在身边
  • 社区/教会都在支持你的康复
  • 你不是孤单一人走在康复的路上
  • 您在恢复过程中已被授权掌控自己的命运
  • 知道上帝始终与你同在
Aftercare & Support
With adequate aftercare and support in a positive environment, the chances of relapse are greatly reduced by up to greatly reduced. Malaysian CARE runs 2 halfway homes (Rumah Petros for men and Rumah Kepercayaan for women) in the Klang Valley and partners with churches in starting community homes.
You can be a friend, a buddy, a volunteer to partner us in the area of fundraising, prayer or encourage your church to help begin and maintain community homes.

For more information, please contact Sam Lim at 03-9212 0162 ext 601 or [email protected]