A Toy Library for All

I discovered Malaysian CARE’s Toy Library which provides support services and run play group activities for parents and caregivers of neurotypical and also children with special needs (e.g. Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, ADD/ADHD and development delays) by pure chance. I was looking for someone to help my child and it led me to this centre which is placed in the midst of a low cost flat in Kuala Lumpur where I live in with my family. I met A (a staff) and she walked me through the functions and resources that were made available through the library. The center was affordable and accessible. My child required constant sensory stimulation as he has cerebral palsy and we needed a lot of developmental toys which are very expensive. The centre also opened doors for me to meet, network and share information with other parents that were in similar situations as me before the lockdown. My child could now play easily and has progressed. Most centre’s required me to be a Malaysian but here, I was accepted as a non-Malaysian and they helped me out regardless.


- Testimony by a Toy Library parent

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