About Malaysian CARE

Malaysian CARE is a non-profit Christian NGO established in Malaysia in 1979, committed to serving the poor and needy irrespective of religion and ethnicity. We focus on empowering communities, aim for long-term sustainable development and see ourselves as partners to the local church and the people we are serving.


Our Vision
To be the visible expression of the wholistic mission of Christ to the poor and needy.  

We are an indigenous charity organisation registered in Malaysia with tax exempt status.
Our Mission

To display Christ’s love, compassion and justice, and proclaim the Kingdom of God through the whole gospel to the whole person in the whole nation.

4 key areas of our wholistic mission

      Economic Empowerment

      Social Empowerment

      Child & Youth Empowerment

      Spiritual Empowerment


Our Ethos

     Indigenous in entity

     Evangelical in theology

      Ecumenical in involvement

      Wholistic in approach

      Integrated in service

      Partnership in caring

      Equipping for ministry