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Our new base in Raub!

Pusat CARE Raub: A Ministry Opportunity

Visiting Pusat CARE Raub for the first time made me recall the Prayer of Jabez in 1 Chronicles 4:10, “Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain.” And God indeed granted Malaysian CARE’s request, recording yet another new milestone in our journey with God to serve the community! 

Expanding the ministry to serve the Orang Asli (OA) community in Raub has long been in CARE’s consideration and planning, and the opportunity finally came on 17 September 2021 when a retired couple inked the agreement to let out their property, a detached house, as a new base for CARE.

Operation officially started in October 2021 with the first staff, Jahir, being transferred from Ladang CARE to pioneer the work here in Raub, followed by Adidas in January 2022. We are grateful for God’s provision of the place as well as the workers.

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Putting Hands into the Plow

PC Raub has started approaching three villages to connect and build relationship with the people. And of course, what better way to start than minum teh! We thank God as the team was well received by the locals with warm welcome and kind hospitality. 
The openness and receptiveness allowed the team to share about the ministry of Malaysian CARE, especially the economic projects. Two villages in particular, Kampung Tual and Kampung Ruai have shown interest and a talk has been conducted with the community leaders to further brief and promote the cooperative, Koperasi Sengoi Pribumi Perak (KSPP).

Photo:  Adidas working on Kebun Sihat.  

Apart from labouring in the community, the staff also utilised both the extra plots of land available around the housing compound as well as their green fingers to cultivate their garden of homegrown vegetables which they call  Kebun Sihat. I had the chance to join the staff and learnt to make organic compost using grass and goat dung. Truly an experience for an urbanite!

Serving as  Pengelola Kampung

According to Adidas, the village coordinator is responsible for taking proactive steps to build rapport with the community, work independently and basically run most part of the show in view of limited manpower. Part of that process involves strategizing and prioritizing the villages they choose to approach at this given point of time.

Adidas picked up the basic principle he learnt from our former Executive Director Dr. Wong Young Soon when it comes to community work, which is Duduk, Diam, Dengar (sit down, be quiet, listen)He shared that practicing the 3D’s enabled him to listen intently and observe carefully; therefore he was able to discern wisely the real needs of the community.

Photo: Leong Hap Choy sharing CARE ministry and KSPP with community leader in Kg. Tual.

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Odoo • Image and Text

However, risk is also part of the package with possibilities of rejection and even in some cases, being misunderstood as having other political agendas. Besides, Jahir added that maneuvering the 4WD through rough and dangerous terrains to reach the villages is also unavoidable due poor road infrastructure but he is thankful for God’s protection for the team. 

Despite all, the staff are focused on the goal of empowering the OA people to be united, self-sustaining and not overly dependent on government or social aid. They are on a mission to see improvement in the people’s economic status, the people having access to proper healthcare and education as well as securing their rights to land. Ultimately, their heart’s desire resonates deeply with the Prayer of Jabez, that is, to see their own kin free from the pain of poverty, exploitation and manipulation.

Photo: Pusat CARE Raub team's visit to Kampung Ruai.

We thank God for a good start, believing in better and more exciting days ahead. May the Lord bless the work and show us favour that we may enlarge our territory and influence, forge more partnerships along the way and extend blessing to the needy for His glory, so that people in Raub will not only know Musang King but also experience the transformational power of the Risen King!

Story written by Chin Wen Ken, who is currently serving in the Service Development team.