My Time at CARE: Small Tasks, Big Difference

At CARE, we are intentional in ensuring that our Internship Program allows for interns to be exposed meaningfully to our various areas of ministry at the grassroot level. Whether it is a direct service to the community (Community Development) or taking on a more support-based internship role (Communications, Finance, Admin/HR), we do our best to ensure that our interns are adequately cared for, guided, taught and trained. We also emphasize on allowing interns the space to bring in fresh perspectives by creating room for creativity & autonomy. It is our hope that through the Internship Program, more young people will get involved in the building of a more equal and just future for Malaysia. 

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Sean Soo, our latest intern shares his 3 months experience in the Communications Department (June to Sept 2022). 


I was first introduced to CARE by a staff member who preached in my church. I especially remembered being captivated by its 43-year-old ministry, namely the work with the Orang Asli community. Having to reflect on my time before CARE, I now realize the sheer coincidence of CARE’s visit to my church. I was then approaching my summer break and to make it worthwhile, I decided to volunteer in hopes to gain some work experience in a Christian organization. Gaining further insights into their ministry online, I filled up the available internship form believing that it was a true calling from God.

My journey at CARE was truly a humbling one. Having the assumption that I would be exposed to actual work pertaining to communications like - report writing, social media and partner outreach; my first day at CARE began by hanging large green cloths over standing soft boards for a video shoot. The second, I was tasked with stock-taking which lasted the entirety of my hours; and the third was much of the same. I soon began questioning my time at CARE wondering “Is this really it? Was my 3-months at CARE going to pertain to menial tasks? At the time of writing this article, I’d say “Yes and No”. 

In a meeting with 'the boss', Keith, I realized the underlying importance of these tasks; how each of them, despite being the most mundane and dragging tasks imaginable, impacted the community CARE serves. I especially remember a talk with a colleague over archiving report sheets and scholarship information, that our job transforms the lives of underprivileged children, providing them the opportunity of a brighter future. 

Pretty soon, my tasks expanded to designing on Canva, opportunities at video editing, glimpses at posting schedules, caption writing, and even conducting video interviews with staff from Pusat CARE Kampar and Raub. Albeit enjoyable, some days admittedly remained bogged down by mundane and repetitive tasks. However, these tasks allowed me to expand my practical skills which I thoroughly enjoyed. 

Introducing the head of the Communications Department, Keith. A father, motorcycle enthusiast and dog lover; Keith is a boss that truly cares, motivating staff with his enthusiasm for the ministry and entertaining the department with jokes, whilst conveying the serious attributes of a leader when necessary. Next, the cat lovers: are Melanie and Nicolle. Melanie, though a serious and task-oriented individual, is largely helpful, considerate and kind; with a laugh that brightens the office. The latter, Nicolle, is perhaps the most energetic amongst the staff, positioning herself as the friendliest and chattiest member of the family. 

Next, Andrea, the BTS lover. Despite identifying herself as a quiet and introverted individual, Andrea is perhaps the best person for one to have a conversation with, and personally my favourite person to talk to in the office. Another Korean enthusiast is Sim Ee. She is perhaps the most cheerful person that I’ve had the opportunity of meeting. Often optimistic and friendly, I had a great time being mentored on the ins and outs of social media. 

Lastly, we have Michael, the funniest and most essential staff of the communications department and the organization. Noted as the grandpa of the Comms family, Michael entertains everyone with his fatherly attributes and blatantly unaware comedic actions that always make us laugh; the phrase ‘Michael…’ is commonly thrown about by the Comms team. Despite this, Michael remains a pillar of Malaysian CARE, his commendable driving skills, church outreach and knowledge of software and hardware proving a true asset to CARE. 

Admittedly a cliché saying amongst volunteers and interns, my time at Malaysian CARE was truly a memorable one. These 3 months at CARE and the colleagues I have met have made a lasting impression that I will keep as I venture into my time as a student and later as an adult. To all wanting an internship, I’d say: “CARE is the place you’d want to be”.


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Working experience, department lunches, field trips and staff that treat each other like a family; what more can one ask for in an internship. Here’s a glimpse at the life and times of an internship at Malaysian CARE. The life and times of the Comms Department!