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 Fun with balloons and children's activities!

Hari Komuniti Lights Up Flat Danau Kota

Imagine living your life without fun and entertainment for the past three years. "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy". I do not wish to ridicule the importance of work but as important as it is, rest and play are as important as well.

The community in Flat Danau Kata, Setapak has endured gloomy and hopeless years resulting from the pandemic. Their main focus was to work to put food on the table, at least for the majority of those living in that area. Play and fun were luxuries, not entitlements. In the midst of the doom and gloom, a few of the community leaders voiced out to us, "Buat lah event macam dulu. Sudah lama tak ada kegembiraan macam dulu," they said as they reminisced about the collaboration they had with CARE pre-pandemic.

The timing could not be any more perfect as this was an opportunity to promote the presence of Pusat Sumber Komuniti CARE in the community as well. With the short amount of time given and God-given resources and providence, our community organisers planned and executed a carnival-like event called Hari Komuniti in September together with the collaboration from the local community leaders. 

Thank you volunteers! (Photo credit: Jodie Lim)

"Sangat bagus. Sangat gembira!", said one of the community leaders. All the parents and children who came for the event were left joyfully beaming from ear-to-ear. Children's giggles and laughter were sweet melodies to the ears of many. Parents conversing with fun and laughter too was a joy to see. Those were the missing elements the past three years in the community.

Suddenly the community lit up with hope and joy! God made sure the weather was just right, not too hot and not even a drop of rain, which saw through the whole event as a success. Approximately 190 community members attended, with the help of approximately 70 individuals, a combination of both staff and volunteers. 

There is hope, there is love as long as Jesus is at the centre. All glory to God alone!

Written by Nicholas Goh, Community Development Manager