Mui Seng Kai Rachel Shanti Kathiripillai
Leader, Rural & Urban Community Development (2013 – present)

I have a unique background of growing up amongst children from broken homes, children who have been victims of abuse and orphans since I was one year old. They are my friends! This priceless experience created in me a desire to continue serving the poor and needy. Upon completing my studies in Australia, my heart strings kept tugging me to join Malaysian Care (an organisation which has been a partner to Rumah Faith founded by my parents). Thus, began a new journey of being trained, drawn closer to God and feeling overwhelmed each time seeing someone affiliated to this organisation empowered and blessed.

I was first introduced to the world of aboriginal peoples and land rights issues in Australia. Barely 3 months in Malaysian Care, I was transferred to the rural unit which works with the Orang Asli community. With much excitement, I embarked on this journey of understanding the culture and building relationships and trust with the Orang Asli in Perak. It has taught me life lessons that I may not be able to learn elsewhere, e.g. the ability to work with people of a different culture who think, talk and act very differently from me; knowing my limitations yet not allowing them to stop me from moving forward. Language can be a barrier as my Bahasa Malaysia is not good but when the heart is right, it regulates the hand to do great things for God.

Another privilege that I have is working with urban youth as I oversee the community sports program of Malaysian Care. I have the opportunity to coach female youth in Frisbee. It is indeed a wonderful feeling to go into the community and have a group of girls crowding around me, saying, “Good morning, teacher!” Apart from coaching them on sports, I also have the opportunity to coach them on life lessons. What a privilege!

Working in Malaysian Care is such that as much as I give, I receive, and maybe more. When we serve God and man, we ourselves are blessed. Such is the kingdom of God.

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