God the Healer

Eddy*, an undocumented child, came to us through his nanny, Nina* who sought help. With his mother deported due to an immigration offence and his father seemingly vanished, Eddy was left in the care of Nina who took him in and raised him up like her own. 

Nina reached out to us for Eddy’s educational needs but his undocumented status made it difficult for us. With much prayer and consulting, it was by God’s grace that Eddy was accepted into a refugee learning centre. 

One day, the school informed us that they noticed a lump under Eddy’s chin and he was in pain. As it was difficult to access healthcare services without proper identification, we resorted to sending Eddy to a refugee-friendly clinic which was initially hesitant to accept Eddy. But by God’s grace once again, Eddy received free medical consultation and found favour with one of the nurses who went the extra mile in making sure Eddy received the proper treatment and diagnosis. 

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It was bad news when the doctor suspected the lump to be malignant and recommended Eddy to undergo a biopsy. We were worried but still kept our faith in God, knowing He loves and cares for Eddy and that we should not lose hope. A week passed and, while we were waiting for the referral letter from the doctor, we noticed that there was miraculously no more lump and Eddy was no longer in pain! It was a miracle indeed! Had we given up, the narrative would be different. As our journey with Eddy continues, we ought to remain steadfast just like Nehemiah. 

Even after rebuilding the wall, Nehemiah remained steadfast in his work for God. We also saw what remaining steadfast in God meant with the following encounter.

God the Provider

For Kak Ira*, providing for her four children as a single mother was simply overwhelming. She certainly did not foresee the sudden death of her husband, leaving her with insurmountable debts to bear on her own. Her daughter, Ana* had attended our Bumblebee sessions faithfully from years ago. Kak Ira remembered us and sought help from us which opened the door to our journey with her and her children.

In the hopelessness of her situation, Kak Ira’s biggest issue was her fear of uncertainties. 

She was most fearful for Ana who is the eldest among the siblings. She was worried that she could not afford to send Ana for tertiary education due to financial difficulties. Despite her struggles, Kak Ira always encouraged Ana to contribute her time to volunteer with us at Pusat Sumber Komuniti CARE.

One day, Kak Ira fell ill and was admitted to the hospital. One of our staff shared, “She was in great fear and pain, holding my hand and crying while pouring out her motherly concern.” There was a great sense of fear and overwhelming hopelessness in her crying out but she found comfort from the presence and the availability of the staff who never gave up in ushering in the love of God. 

It was through the steadfastness of rebuilding the lives that God has entrusted to us that we were able to witness first-hand His wondrous works. Ana passed her SPM examination with flying colours and got an offer to study at UiTM Dengkil for a very affordable fee and the university was also conveniently nearer to her home. Never could we have imagined the day when we saw Ana waving goodbye to us as she entered through the gate of her university where another journey awaited her. 

CARE's staff sending off Ana with Kak Ira and her children.

This time, instead of crying tears of fear and pain, we saw Kak Ira crying tears of joy. 

As we remain steadfast in what we are rebuilding for God, He will see it to completion in His time for it is always God’s work that brings joy, not ours.

Through this, we are confident he is able to adapt better and faster to his workplace.  As they adapt and settle in, we gradually reduce visits to further foster the confidence and self-sufficiency of individuals like  Yap  as they navigate in their workplace environments.