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Dinesswar A/L Sathasivam



At the tender age of 12, life led me to the doors of an orphanage. Growing up without the comforts of a traditional family, I faced challenges that tested my resilience. Yet, within those challenges, I found the strength to dream, particularly the dream of pursuing a tertiary education.


Upon completing my SPM, financial barriers loomed large on the path to furthering my education. Determined not to let adversity dictate my future, I embarked on a quest for a scholarship. Malaysian Care became my ally in this pursuit, assisting with my application for the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation Community Scholarship. The journey to the scholarship was fraught with challenges. Each step felt like a mountain to climb, especially when vying for the interview spot. Through the grace of God, I was selected to pursue my education in Information Technology with a full scholarship. The offer from Sunway University marked the beginning of a new chapter.


With the scholarship in hand, I plunged into the realm of Information Technology. The catch was, I had no foundational knowledge in the subject. Despite the initial struggles, fuelled by a burning personal interest, I devoted myself to understanding the concepts. Every hurdle was a step closer to my dream. The path to knowledge was not paved smoothly. Challenges in understanding IT concepts tested my resolve. Simultaneously, managing time wisely became an art I had to master. Balancing studies with other responsibilities required a level of dedication I hadn't known before.


In sharing my story, I hope to inspire others facing insurmountable challenges. Hold on to your faith, work tirelessly, and believe in God. My journey from an orphan to a scholar is a testament that, with determination and belief, the pieces will fall into place.

Odoo • A picture with a caption
Diness enjoying a meal with his lecturer and coursemates